Overland between La Paz & Cartagena via Brazilian Amazon

Overland between La Paz & Cartagena via Brazilian Amazon

Travelling from La Paz through to the wilds of the high Altiplano in Bolivia has always meant a journey through the Andes. But now Dragoman have introduced a new way to make the trip, which involves a massive detour across the width of the Amazon Jungle.   

We head from La Paz onto the wild Altiplano and into the beautiful mountains and glaciers of Chile. Most people who overland through Argentina and Brazil will travel along the stunning routes between Buenos Aires and Rio. There is so much to see through this region, the two cities themselves, the Emerald Coast, the Pantanal and more. But now for the very best bit and for something of a first: Dragoman has pioneered the route across the Amazon Jungle between Rio and Cusco. Our new exploratory route cuts straight through the heart of Brazil’s Amazon Jungle, crossing into the jungles of Peru and then climbing up the mighty Andes and onto the city of Cusco, gateway to the Inca empire and the famous trail.   

From there we hug the Peruvian coastline taking in Colca Canyon, Arequipa and head on to Lima. The journey then takes us into the Ecuadorian Andes, through Cuenca and Quito and up to the sunning beaches of the Caribbean.

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