Crossing six countries and a host of cultures in between, this adventure will take you from China’s heartland – the bustling city of Xi’an, home of the Terracotta Warriors, though the mountain reserve of Wudang Shan, the backdrop to Ang Lee’s ‘Crouching Tiger’ film and down to the lush, tropical landscape of southern China before crossing into one of South East Asia’s most untouched and welcoming countries: Laos. It’s a trip that takes you well away from the tourist trail. Yes, you’ll see Giant Pandas, but, heading into the province of Yunnan, home to a complex mix of history, people and landscapes, you’ll visit stunning temples and accompany pilgrim on their trek up Emei Shan. In Laos, you’ll explore the remote Nam Tha protected area before ending this journey in one of the most atmospheric and utterly charming towns, Luang Prabang, where you’ll share the streets with saffron-robed monks gathering alms each morning. A walk by the Mekong, anyone? Before arriving in Bangkok we explore Laos, Cambodia and Northern Thailand. The final leg of our journey take us from Bangkok, south to Khao Sok National Park, a stunning reserve full of limestone karst scenery, amazing forest and wildlife before chilling out on the white sandy beaches and warm waters of the beaches southern Thailand. Crossing into Malaysia, we explore Kuala Lumpur, home to the Petronas Towers, once the world’s tallest buildings, and some of the most delicious food stalls in South East Asia, before winding down through the country, stopping off in Penang, visiting the Cameron Highlands, Teman Negara National Park, the historic port town of Melaka before ending in the world’s cleanest city: Singapore.

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