This classic overland route will take you from the splendours of ancient Egypt to the great game parks of East Africa, and a whole host of other hidden gems in between. After exploring Cairo you’ll traverse the Western Desert, stopping at small oases en route, heading for Luxor and the magnificent temples along the Nile. Most Egypt trips end here, but you’ll continue into the wilderness, crossing into Sudan. Travel in this part of the world is rough and frequently challenging, but as a reward we get unparalleled access to places such as the pyramids of Meroe and the temples of the Kushite kingdom. Crossing Sudan we enter Ethiopia, an extraordinary land with a unique cultural heritage of opulent monasteries, stunning churches carved out of the mountains and incredible scenery. You’ll meet the tribes of the remote Omo Valley before crossing into northern Kenya and a safari in the seldom-visited Samburu National Park. Our journey ends in the bustling capital Nairobi.

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